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 O: Hullo (this is 10 charecters)

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PostSubject: O: Hullo (this is 10 charecters)   Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:22 pm

Hey there guys, my name is Daniel but you can call me....err...whatever you want since my nickname is very ofending by itself :3
Im 19 and i live in Portugal.
I play RO since im 14 or so (memory fails) and ive been play all kinds of servers since then, i came from EssenceRO, which is a midrate. o-o
Enough mindless chat.
I like honest, humble people; cookies and milk and im addicted to coke and humping *-* I hate self leet-proclaimed people (aka noobfags); pigeons and beggars.

I hope i have fun round here, as so as i heard from the person who got me here Cool

Much love <3

Any questions you have please do, cuz its obvious i suck at intriductions XD
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O: Hullo (this is 10 charecters)
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