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 i have some nrew seggesties for games!

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PostSubject: i have some nrew seggesties for games!   Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:56 pm

ok seggestie # 1

we could have a special room that is full of mvp's and u collect tickets to get a prize! like 20 tickets gives u a hat or something, cuz the mvp summoner is wrecked...

seggestie# 2

have a moster compatition, each lvl getting harder and harder. it can have a ladder to see who is the top mvp hunter ont he server!!

seggestie# 3

have a custom arena that u earn points in for prizes of somekind.

these suggestions will keep players busy for hours and will cut down the bordom of day-day play

<3<3 lol!
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i have some nrew seggesties for games!
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