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 Pictures of me! some people wanted me to show em!

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PostSubject: Pictures of me! some people wanted me to show em!   Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:21 pm

Ok First.

Im the guy in the white vest ^^.

This is on the same night, same again im the guy in thw white vest xD

This was the night after when i woke up with writing all over my stomach xD ( i was on holiday to spain)

This is me with me Agent, i play soccer professionally so xD

This is a picture of me with my Ex GF. (we broke like a year ago)

This is me with my Friends sister xD i wish i had a sisiter D:

Ok Alittle more info about me.

Im 17 im half spanish but moved to england when i was 1 or 2 so i cant speak spanish (i wish)
I have MSN
I love to chat to people, and im your Co-Admin And Scripter of TsbRO (Duh you already know that xD)
Im Single (sob sob sob)
if anyone would like to ask me anymore just Add me on msn and i would love to answer any questions ^_^
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Pictures of me! some people wanted me to show em!
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