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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:45 pm

To see beyond Ragnarok online : Rules

Like you should know, every server has rules. We aren't the exception.
3 strike rule, unless you break one of the Gold Rules.

Chat related rules

Asking for items/ Begging: Asking for items, zeny, etc, is not allowed. Everyone worked hard on their items, so don't be lazy. Is not hard, you just need patience.

Spamming: Spamming is not allowed. Repeating the same thing many times in a short period of time, counts as spam. Defenition of spam: Stupid pointless annoying messages

Advertising: Advertising other servers is not allowed. Even if that is not your intention, some players can leave our server because of that. So, to avoid a well known problem, called "Player stealing", please refrain from mentioning other servers.

Harassing: Harassing players is not allowed AT ALL. Harassing: Insulting, cursing, calling names someone, etc.

Racism: Our server is for everyone. You can play it from all over the world. So please, avoid being racist with someone. We want everyone to enjoy the game.

Punishment if you break this rules:

  • 10 minutes mute
  • 1 day jail
  • 1 week ban
PvP / WoE rules

PvP: If "a friend" helps you to kill someone, that is called teaming. If your friend is healing you, using dispell on your enemy, etc, that is teaming aswell. Teaming is NOT allowed. Remember, not always is teaming. Sometimes, someone can just misclick and attack you. If you are using an AoE spell, and you hurt more than one person, obviously they are going to team you. Common sense people o:

WoE: Using Ice Wall infront of a castle, is NOT ALLOWED. If your guild is going to WoE, you need an emblem. If you don't know how to add one, read this guide:
How to add a guild emblem.

Punishment for breaking this rules:

  • 1 day jail
  • 3 day ban
  • 1 week ban
Gold Rules: If you break one of this rules, you will be seriously punished.

Impersonating a GM: Using the prefix or sufix "GM" in your name, telling people you are a GM, etc, is not allowed. This is one of the worst things you can ever do.

Botting: Using 3rd party programs to level up, hunt items, etc, IS NOT ALLOWED AT ALL.

Hacking: Using hacks to make your character stronger, or to annoy people, is not allowed.

Punishment for breaking the Gold Rules: Permanent Ban.


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Server Rules
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